The Secrets Behind Eye-Catching Business Photography

The Secrets Behind Eye-Catching Business Photography


May 2017

Long before customers step foot on your property, they’ll visit you online. No matter what business you are in, compelling photography on your website and online profiles will factor into winning someone’s business—or not.

Images paint a picture of your business. They show off your space and product offering, and they convey attributes like customer service, customer experience and other elements of your brand. Want photos that will sell your business? Here are five secrets to capturing outstanding images:

#1 Hire Professionals

Lighting and styling are essential for great photos, and they take a trained eye and equipment to achieve. Hire both an interior designer and photographer to a set of get high quality images of your business.

#2 Paint a Full Picture

Photograph multiple rooms, as well as the outdoor spaces (storefront, grounds, etc.), if applicable. People want to get a good sense of what your property is like, so don’t stop short by posting only one or two photos on your website or social media.

#3 Plan for the Seasons

Keep your primary online photos updated as the seasons change. If people are shopping in winter, then a summer photo (employee dress, products on display, etc.) may make you come across as less relevant than a competitor.  Here is a creative way to tackle seasonal photos in a single photoshoot: stage your interior photos to cover the four seasons, then have the photographer and designer return to capture outdoor shots like the front of the building, yard or patio seating.

#4 Think Differentiation

When capturing photography, be sure to include pictures of unique or special features, be they a great entranceway, staff uniforms, or an exterior shot.

#5 Inspire Imaginations

Help people envision themselves in the space. Show your rooms in context by including people doing an activity like checking in, meeting or receiving your service. For example, a cafe could put a running laptop and cup of coffee on a table.